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Bad news.

Pdxdylan a posted Jul 17, 12
server will be down for good unless we get donations. it cost 20 dollars for this server to run for a month.

also world of blocks is down aswell. we hope to get donations on both servers to keep them running.

Thank you for playing.


Pdxdylan a posted Jul 11, 12
server has been down i have been fixing some stuff and, it wont be up tonight ethier we are very sorry.


Pdxdylan a posted Jul 8, 12
The server is open to the public we did the ip will be in the bottom of this post. just join read tutorial and play! hope to see you all there 



Pdxdylan a posted Jun 23, 12
This is are website for are minecraft hunger games server, we use the real hunger games map and its on 24/7, this is one of the first cracked hunger games server that uses the real map. Hope to see you in the game!

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